Checkstock is the trading name of Incentive Marketing Ltd. The company was founded in 1971 by Ron Phillips and is a registered Irish brand name. Checkstock is the company that initiated the concept of electronic article surveillance in Ireland, and as such is also the longest trading company in this field in Ireland.

The reason to install a tagging system is simple: In Ireland each year retailers lose between 2% and 5% of turnover to shoplifting. Sometimes this may go unnoticed, but it certainly is happening. Customers routinely give us feedback that their gross profit increased by more then 5% with a tagging system in place and this increase in profit comes without an increase in sales!

There are many styles of tag currently available allowing Checkstock to protect most stores including; Fashion Retailers, Pharmacies, Hardware/DIY, Libraries, book Stores and sports outlets, we even have a specialised tag for children in creches.

This website will highlight a number of the types of stores which commonly use tagging equipment and suggest styles of tags which suit various products.

We also have a special offers page which highlights our current money saving deals as well as an information page for those considering rental.

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