Short-Term Rental

Whether you are opening a pop up shop for a number of months or just doing an exhibition for a week. If you have stock that you think will need to be protected, then this might be for you.

No minimum rental period (there is no maximum period either, however for periods of six months or more regular rental is recommended). The shortest billed period is one month whether you choose to use the equipment for the entire month.

What you get in terms of equipment is the exact same as the rental deal on the proceeding page. Typically: Antenna, 1000 tags + Detatcher  (or) Antenna + De-activator for sticker tags. Have a look at the rental deal page for all the combinations. Generally every type of stock can be protected.

Cost of Rental is €100 per month (for rentals under 3 months full payment is required on delivery/installation).

The deposit for the equipment is €100 and is refunded on return.

The equipment is delivered on pedestals and will be placed at the exit, powered up and tuned in. The cost of delivery/Set up is €80 (01 area) €120 (Nationwide). ** the equipment can be fully installed without pedestals if necessary, ie: what would usually be a permanent installation, costing €150 (01 area) or €190 (Nationwide).

Why not give Stephen a call on 0868116933 and discuss what particular set up would suit your needs.