Fashion Tags :

Hard Tag With Pin

There are many sizes and shape of hard tag. The style of tag is chosen to suit both the style of clothing and the size of the exit to a shop. eg..

The 54mm Dome Tag, is perfect for High St. fashion as is is difficult to remove. This tag typically covers doors between 900mm and 1800mm.


For Products In Packaging :

The Blister Tag : 

The Blister tag is specially designed to protect products in plastic ‘Blister’ packaging, or those that hang on display using the ‘Euroslot’ hole. The tag is simply fastened over the euroslot hole and then hung from the slot on the tag itself. Very effective and extremely difficult to remove without a detatcher.

The Spider-WrapTag:
The Spider-wrap tag is extremely useful for protecting boxed items on shelves of all sizes. If The Spider is damaged or a wire severed, an extremely loud 120 decibel alarm on the tag itself goes off. If the Spider is taken past the Antenna’s still attached to the product then the alarm at the door goes off. (In the case of the 3-way Spider, both the spider alarm and the door alarm go off simultaneously at the exit)

The Sticker Tag:Probably The most commonly used tag on products in packaging, used throughout DIY Stores, Pharmacies and Toy Stores to cover up to 90% of stock. Checkstock have a range of seven different sizes of sticker tag including the micro tag which is small enough to be used on lipsticks and eyeliner.

The Safer

The Safer is ideal when protecting high value items within their original packaging. Perfect for gifts, where placing a sticker on the packaging is not desirable. A tough plastic box protects the item, and also has a security tag hidden within the lock so will alarm if removed. Many sizes of safer are available to protects items both large and small.


Tags With Lanyard Attachments:

The Bottle Tag

The simplest and best method of protecting bottles on open display. The tag is simply pulled tight around the neck of the bottle. Easily removed at the point of sale.

The Alarming Lanyard tag

This robust little tag comes with approx 1 metre of strong 3mm lanyard. If it is tampered with a 120 decibel alarm goes off. If it is taken through the exit the alarm also goes off. It is perfect for securing high cost items such as leather jackets, power tools, lawnmowers, other expensive equipment. (shorter 30cm lanyard lengths are also available)

Tag with Lanyard Pin

This Tag and Lanyard combination is perfect for tagging those traditionally ‘hard to tag’ items. Perfect for things such as hand tools, fishing equipment, tool cases, handbags etc.

Optical/Hang Tag :

This handy tag clips onto the narrowest of wires, making it perfect for sunglasses, accesories etc. It can also be clipped onto the grille of electrical items.